OOTD 2.5.18

  This outfit was all revolved around my shoes. These shoes wedge the perfect fashion statement piece for a very simple outfit. I am obsessed with off the shoulder and I believe I have good collar bones. Therefore, if I have the chance to try to wear an off the shoulder shirt, I would love [...]

OOTD 1.31.18

This outfit has no inspiration from anyone. I focused this whole fit on my pants. After putting everything together, I noticed this outfit gave me YEEZY vibes. When I say YEEZY vibes, I mean the neutral colors that are very plain. YEEZY is known for their basic clothing and crazy price. Kim K is of [...]

OOTD 1.30.18

My outfit has been an outfit that I have most defiantly repeated on my website. I chose this outfit on this day because I wanted to stand out with my surroundings. What do I mean by that? It had snowed in the morning, therefore, I decided to wear red to stand out. My fur jacket [...]

OOTD 1.29.18

This outfit has been revolved one statement piece, which would be the checkered shirt. This shirt is just a nice statement piece to wear because it ends up giving the look that I truly tried, but guess what? I didn't. Since it was my statement piece, I chose plain pieces to pair up to balance [...]

OOTD 1.19.18

This outfit was a go-to look. I was not feeling the glam pop-out fit where I would be uncomfortable. Therefore, when I decided to get out of bed and stop being a lazy bum, I would get dressed semi-comfortable today. I took photos in East Hampton. The photo above was off the road. I literally [...]

New Years Outfit!

New Years is supposed to be all about Glam. For a Ecuadorian girl, my mom has had the tradition of wearing yellow for luck and money. Therefore, that is why I always wear yellow. This years New Years Outfit was a bit of a reach, but that is what I get for shopping last minute. [...]

12.23.17 OOTD

This outfit is one of my go-to outfits for when I'm rushing. This outfit was inspired by Kourtney Kardashian. I saw this outfit in Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The athletic pants are a in for this winter. Not only are these pants cute but they are super comfortable compared to jeans. the only down [...]