Midterm Week(s)

As much of you guys know, I am a sophomore in college and this week is my second week of midterms. Due to the weather, my midterm dates have been out of wack. Therefore, the one week where I try really hard has become two weeks of me bullshitting.

As you guys may know, I try really hard in school to be the best I can. However, I realized I have never been so out of focus for this long. Truthfully, I haven’t been focusing and that worries me because I have been more into my social life than anything else. Although I am slacking, I know that I have to do me as well because if not I am going to suppress the stress i have already. I am currently stressing myself out with relationships and friends. Although I put up a front that everything is okay, no one is going to know my true emotions except myself. Therefore, I am slowly formulating everything together to make the right decisions and live my life.

Now that i gave you guys the intro to my life, you are probably asking “why are you writing this?” The answer is that i want to let everyone know, to remember to always focus on yourself, even though you have shit going on. People tend to not put themselves first when important things are happening. It is not healthy mentally and emotionally. You don’t ever want to put yourself down for the moment because those emotions will build up and explode. Take some time and remember who you are and breathe. For me, I am going to try to focus more and try to be better. However, I need to be less stressed to do that.

This was a short blog post that I wanted to share and its a message for everyone to remember to love yourself. Also no one is perfect and everybody is going through something. Therefore, if you have the chance to better someone’s day, try to. One smile could make someones day better. Thank you guys for checking up. Have a great day!



Ana Toledo

p.s. The art work I used is from @amandaoleander!

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