OOTD 3.6.18


Lately I have been in the fuck it mood. Especially this week. My Tuesday outfit was chosen by my roomie, Mui. Every morning, when I have time, I chose a couple of outfits and she helps me choose which fit to wear. Today was a edgy look. I wore heels because I wanted to at least try today.

This outfit reminds me of an outfit I saw on instagram a while ago. It was very chic and edgy. In the morning, I wore socks with my heels because it was cold. However, as it got warmer, I took them off. This new style of having socks with heels is one of my favorite trends. I remember first seeing this trend with Rhiana. She wore her Gucci socks with her heels. It was super cute. I decided to pull that trend off today. I wore a graphic tee and high waisted jeans. I wore my Blondie t-shirt to match my red fur coat because the shirt had red lettering.


For accessories, I wore my vintage glasses and my vintage belt. Both of these, I got in a vintage thrift store. I wore a belt with this outfit to help enhance my waist line. I wore the glasses to add more edge to my outfit. These glasses are in for 2018. Small lenses are a great statement piece to have for any outfit. Accessories really change a basic outfit into an outfit that looks like you out a bunch of effort into it.

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My makeup was very simple like always. I did the regular foundation and contour, which you guys can check out how I create it in my makeup section in this website. I added some purple on my lids to create a contour on my eyes. I also added some black eyeliner to be more edgy. Today was a sunny day, that calls for highlighting. On super sunny days, I make it my mission ton highlight and have my highlight popping.

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Ana Toledo 

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