OOTD 2.27.18

This was for sure a lazy outfit. If you have not noticed, basically everyday I wear heels.  Therefore, when I am really not trying, I wear sneakers. Todays outfit was also very last-minute so it was perfect for my lazy days. In school, I was supposed to wear black for an event, therefore, I wore this black knit dress.

There was no true inspiration. Sometimes, you just got to pull things out of your closet and work with it. I decided to tie a knot in my dress because it was too long and did not work with my body. I also felt like if I didn’t, then I would look like a 12-year-old who is visiting their older sister in college. I decided to wear my fur white sneakers because it would be the statement piece of the outfit. I only own white sneakers, therefore, these sneakers are the statement piece of my sneaker collection. I paired my outfit with my Chanel tote because it would spice up my outfit. I believe that if i didn’t have a pop out bag, it would be very basic and I don’t do basic. This outfit for sure what all about the accessories. Therefore, I used my black small lense sunglasses to add a small wow factor to my outfit. I added the black fur coat to add texture to this outfit. It is also a statement piece for the outside fit.

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Shop My Look:

  • Black Knit Dress- Zara
  • Furry White Sneakers- Zara
  • Chanel Tote Bag
  • Black Sunglasses – Vintage Store
  • Black Fur Coat- Vintage Store


My makeup was very simple, as in foundation and contour wise. I added my Fenty highlighter to make my skin glow. It was a perfect sunny day for me to pop out with my highlighter. I let my wavy hair be out as well so there could be texture to this outfit. Like stated earlier, this outfit was very simple and details are what mattered. My eyeshadow was yellow and orange. Sadly, I do not have a picture to show you guys how I finessed my eyeshadow. Sorry!!!

Thanks my loves for visiting today. I love the support I have been receiving. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. As well as checking out other parts of my blog! Love you guys!



Ana Toledo 

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