OOTD 2.12.18

All black is my go-to for every winter. I have said this numerous times in this website. You can never go wrong with this color. When I woke up in the morning, I was not giving any fucks about what I was wearing, however, that soon came to change because I always care. I was running late and went to my go to color, which is black. This skirt was the perfect statement piece to wear because of the patent material. This material is big for the winter, and a great piece to spice up your fit. I decided to do a turtle neck and my boots because the material is alike and I did not want to have all different types of textures in the outfit. I paired up my vintage faux fur jacket because it was warm but also glammed up my outfit even more.

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The key to glamming up your outfit is to have statement pieces that stand out. These statement pieces can turn a casual outfit into an outfit that looks like you put time and effort into. Fur coats are the perfect example for a winter statement piece. You can wear sneakers, skinny jeans, and a sweater. If you were to pair that with a fur coat, then it would give the illusion that you put in effort.

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I chose to have a simplistic look. I am a very natural makeup person when it comes to very day looks. I did the basic foundation, contour, mascaca, and lip gloss. I did not do eyeshadow or eyebrows. The simplistic look for my makeup was due to the fact that the outfit had a lot going on and I did not want that to be taken away from my makeup. I like to have a balance. Therefore, I decided to straighten my hair so I had a sharp look. all together is was light and effortless. Thank you guys for checking out my blog today and don’t forget to subscribe!



Ana Toledo


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