OOTD 1.31.18

IMG_2552_Facetune_01-02-2018-11-43-31This outfit has no inspiration from anyone. I focused this whole fit on my pants. After putting everything together, I noticed this outfit gave me YEEZY vibes. When I say YEEZY vibes, I mean the neutral colors that are very plain. YEEZY is known for their basic clothing and crazy price. Kim K is of course the first person that pops up on my head for wearing her husbands clothes.

I am not going to lie, wearing this shirt in public with just a bra did make me a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. However, after a while I forgot. The fur jacket was a perfect fashion piece that I could wear inside and out. It was a perfect look for me and very comfortable. The pants had a great stretch to them and did snap back to it’s original fit. I paid $40 for these pants and it was worth every penny. As someone petite, it is hard to find the right length of pants and these fit just right on me.

This look is still in for the winter. Now that we are in 2018 and slowly transitioning into the spring look, I see that I am slowly confused on what’s in. Fur is a great fashion piece for 2018 winter. It’s still chilly in New York and a perfect mink coat on a windy day is great. Neutral colors are great for any season. Therefore, this neutral color is great for winter and the soon to come transition of seasons. If you guys want, keep reading for details of my outfit.

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I chose to do a very neutral makeup. I did my go to makeup which is very simple with a tinted lip gloss. I chose to be simple with makeup to enhance my outfit more than my face. Lately, I have been more into the simple glow non-makeup makeup look. It is easy to put on and seems effortless.


These photos were taken by my friend Javon. I decided to take these photos near the brick wall because it would compliment the neutral colors with the brick red. It enhances the details of the clothing, for example the mink coats fur. I am more into simplistic shots and these were perfect. Thanks guys for checking my blog post today and don’t forget to subscribe and check out my YouTube channel.


Ana Toledo

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