OOTD 1.19.18

This outfit was a go-to look. I was not feeling the glam pop-out fit where I would be uncomfortable. Therefore, when I decided to get out of bed and stop being a lazy bum, I would get dressed semi-comfortable today. I took photos in East Hampton. The photo above was off the road. I literally pulled over and took a photo. The rest of the photos were in a pond off of Main Street.

I decided to go to these two locations because I believe that it goes with my outfit. When you look at this outfit, the focus piece is the Camo pants. Therefore, when I think Camo pants, I think nature. That is why I chose these two locations. The pond ended up being a great choice because the statement piece, which was the camp pants, stood out with the leaf colors and trees.

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Shop My Look:

  • Green Cashmere Sweater- LVIS Thrift Store
  • Camo Pants – Forever21
  • Perplex Helled Booties- Ego
  • *I wore my Black Zara Jacket, however; I did not wear it because I left it in my car for this photoshoot!

Anyone that knows me, knows that wearing anything but jeans is amazing. Therefore, these came pants are great. Yes, they are supposed to be for men but why can’t I wear them? What I love shopping in the men section is that men clothes is 10x comfier to wear. Also, these pants end up being high waisted on me, which I LOVE! My figure is not hour glass, I have more of a box figure and high waisted enhances my figure of hourglass. Camo is very much still in and a great statement piece to have for this winter. If you don’t have any came, its your last chance to get it before winter ends!

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Ana Toledo


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