2018 Goals

Everyone has New Year’s resolutions they want to accomplish. These are my 2018 goals that i was to achieve this year.

In this video I have 4 goals. One of them being my education and focusing on school more. In my first video I had explained how I have numerous factors that challenge me to stay focused on school. One of them being my boyfriend. There will be times where I will choose o go on a date then to study extra for an exam. It has not mad a negative effect, however, I know that there is not 100% effort going into my schoolwork.

Another goal I want to change is the way I handle drama. I tend to swoop into other’s levels. I know that this wont benefit me, however, it is tempting to when people are disrespecting you. I am a very bold person and people either like that about me or they don’t. I am learning to cope with the people that decide not to like me. I have also learned that not everyone is going to like me. This is life. I have the tendencies to stress about the little things in life and I have to get over it.

My third goal is bettering my health. I had recently gone through a stomach infection and it was really an eye opener to how I treat my body. I have decided to work out more and stop eating junk food. The way that I treat my body will ultimately effect me physically and emotionally. I have realized the bad habits I have when I am in college. This has effected my metabolism and my weight. I want tone myself and am not really huge on the number I weigh. I know I am skinny but being toned it my goal.

My fourth goal is being more committed with my blog and channel on Youtube. I have the tendencies to spam my followers with feed and not upload anything for a while. It is a horrible habit and I will change it this year! I love creating posts and videos, however, I do have other responsibilities to take care of.

Thanks guys for your love and support! Don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel! Also subscribe to my website to know when I post new content!


Ana Toledo

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