My Story….Alopecia Areata

What is Alopecia Areata? This is when there is sudden hair loss, which starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap. I was diagnosed with this condition when i was about twelve. My alopecia is mostly around my hairline. However, the worst section is in the front and enter of my hairline. As you can see from the photos below, the circled area is what I am talking about.

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It is by far my second BIGGEST insecurity, which follows after my hypo-pigmentation. I have gone through everything to try to fix this condition. I have tried ointments and shots. The shots that i got on the areas that have been affected by my alopecia where the most painful treatment i had to go through with my condition. These are steroid shots that are injected into my scalp numerous times to try to produce hair growth. However, with all these shots being injected into my head every month, I started to believe it wasn’t worth it. There was a time where I had about 30 shots injected into my scalp to help produce hair. Imagine all those shots to see barely no hair growth for months. It wasn’t worth it for me.


I have had this condition since I was a teen. Therefore, with all these years of experimenting with my hair. I realized that my hair is better off parted in the middle because it ends up covering my bald spot. Parting my hair down the middle is a plus because this part has seemed to been in for years. My go-to hairdo is my middle part low bun, which is shown in the picture above. If i was to part my hair to the side, my bald spots would be more noticeable. You can see the difference in the picture below. For a long time, I hid them. However for sports, it was hard to put my hair up and not show it. It was amazing that i could hide all the spots that were near my hairline with a wide hairband.


I got more comfortable with my bald spots in high school. I was more carefree with my image and focused more about fashion. One of the reasons why I got into fashion was so that my flaws didn’t defy me but instead my clothes could. I mean who’s going to look at my bald spots when I look/feel fabulous? Although that was my thinking, some of my outfits looked better with my hair up so I would do high buns. With high buns, this hairdo makes my bald spots visible and there was no hairband to cover them. Thats when I realized that I did not need to cover them just because they are my flaws but instead to embrace them and that is what I did. With me being confident with my alopecia, there came questions and a lot of people did not pick at me for my hair. It wasn’t as bad as people taunting me for my hypo-pigmentation. So there wasn’t a lot of insecurities but it was still an insecurity.

Due to having this condition, there are some things that i steer from. These include hairdos that pull on my hair and products. I try to stop doing high buns or high pony tails because that caused the most strain on my hair. I also do scalp treatments and also put garlic on my bald spot to cleanse my skin. Garlic is great for clearing up pimples as well! I try to pamper my hair as much as I can. Since I did bleach my hair blonde, I am trying to take care of my hair more so I can repair the damaged sections.

Although I do have alopecia, I still love myself. As I stated in my Hypo-pigmentation post, I should embrace my flaws. As well as not allowing my flaws define me. A lot of people see their flaws and think they are ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and we are our hardest critics. Remember to always love yourself because self love is the best love.

Thanks guys for visiting my blog today and reading my post! Don’t forget to check out my hypo-pigmentation post! Take Care!


Ana Toledo

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