Dealing with Hypo-pigmintation

What is hypo-pigmentation? Hypo-pigmentation is the loss of skin color. It is caused by melanocyte or melanin depletion, or a decrease in the amino acid tyrosine, which is used by melanocytes to make melanin. I have been dealing with this discoloration for a long time. I was diagnosed with hypo pigmentation when I was little, however, it really didn’t get to me till I was older.

Being a girl and having a flaw is hard. Girls have these high standards to be beautiful. One of these standards is having flawless skin, however, with hypo-pigmentation it is hard to have this “ideal” skin. For my opinion, I have pretty good skin. My case is that for the most part my face is clear, although I have minor bumps, my skin is uneven in a couple of areas. These area is my cheeks being lighter than the rest of my face. Depending on the weather, the darkness varies on my cheeks. Over the summer, my skin will even out, however over the winter; my skin has a high contrast between my cheeks and my other areas. For the winter, my checks lighten up which then makes my problem areas darker. My problem area are my upper lip and forehead. As you can see from the photos above, these people have hypo-pigmentation and you can see the two tones of colors. For my case, I have 80% of my whole cheek area as lighter than the rest of my face. My case is similar to the second photo. As you can see with the photos below, My upper lip and forehead are darker than my cheeks. Since it is winter, my face does become pale compared to the golden skin that I have over the summer. This means that you can’t see how light my skin gets. However, with these two photos, you can see the contrast from my cheeks to the rest of my face.

It is very uncomfortable to go out in public without makeup sometimes because people who are the most closest would point it out. I have had people say “oh cool you have a mustache” or “You look sick”. Which makes me feel bad about my appearance. It sucks ever more when your crush or boyfriend points it out. I remember the most insecure time period I had was when I was in middle school and it was the most noticeable. This is the time where I didn’t even know about makeup or what waxing was. Your girl was just ugly. Therefore, when my crush pointed it out, I would go home and try to look up how to get rid of it. Obviously I wasn’t going to find out anything using google. I ended up realizing that there is really no real cure for hypo-pigmentation. When I found this out, I was low-key heart-broken because I was let down. It sucked and I wanted to literally change my face. As a little girl, no one should make you feel bad about yourself, however, this is part of life and kids are mean.

Thankfully, as I entered high school, I started to wax and apply sunscreen and other products on my face to help reduce the darkness. Makeup wise, it was easy to get rid of this discoloration because I just had to add some high coverage foundation and I was set. This is displayed in the photos above. However for those bare face days, I have to apply a lot of products to keep my face safe. I do my night routine, which a blog post will be put out soon, and then do a morning routine. This includes a bunch of products such as moisturizer, to help with my face be more even. Of course there will be days where I am lazy, however, best believe that I always moisturizer. Moisturizing is key to having a good face as well as trying to prevent wrinkles.

Current day me is more comfortable with my face and my flaws. I don’t think that anyone should define you, except yourself. You got a pimple? That sucks but you’re still beautiful girl! You have a beauty mark on your face? EMBRACE IT GIRL! Everything happens for a reason, so if that means I have discoloration to my skin then it is another obstacle I will get though to make me who I am. I am confident and I do have my days where I doubt that, however when I do have a bad day, I always remember what truly makes me beautiful. Remember that you should always embrace your flaws and stay confident!

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Ana Toledo


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