Going Blonde…

For a long time, I wanted to experiment with my hair. This meant I came up with ideas of cutting my hair into a pixie cut or even dying my hair. I tossed the idea back and forth with friends and family and carefully listening to their advice. Eventually I gave in and decided to dye my hair blonde. Not only was this process long but also made me question how non-important my hair was. In this generation, women empowerment is huge and is the topic of conversation everywhere. In my opinion hair is just another way women are sexualized. For a long time, women were seen as a sex symbol and weren’t allowed to cut their hair because it would give more of a masculine look to a woman’s image. A hair style should not define anyone. Therefore, if you do not like another’s hair style then that sucks because I’m sure the person who’s walking around with it probably loves it. That’s exactly how I feel with my new hair style and if anyone disagrees or doesn’t think it’s right for me, that to me sounds like a personal problem.

I chose to bleach my hair with the balayage technique and cut it a little short. The process of bleaching my hair was sad. I realized that my hair is dry and therefore, bleaching my hair meant I was going to damage it even more. My mom is an amazing hair stylist so she helped me throughout this process. Bleaching my hair turned out to be a two-day thing.

Day One: For the first day, my mom bleached it to a light brown. Please note my hair was black, not dark brown, this meant that to go from black to blonde was not happening overnight. Bleaching my hair had a huge impact to my hair and that is the reason why I had to cut my hair short, to ensure I cut the split ends away. After doing balayage to my hair, I let it be and waited to finish the rest of my hair for the next day. The photos above are the brown color that I left for the night.

Day Two: For day two, I went to the Salon and Day Spa in Amagansett Square. There my mom bleached my hair another time, however this time she added the effect of highlights so it gave it more of a natural look. This now became a three-hour salon day. I came in and began bleaching my hair again. After bleaching my hair for a second time, I had to add a glaze to my hair, which is shown with photos three and four. This glaze helps take away the brassy color from my bleached hair. Usually darker colored hair will leave a brassy color once bleached. My mom added the glaze for about 15 minutes and then I got a rinse off. After the glaze, I had a scalp treatment because my hair is naturally oily. The scalp treatment (I will add to the bottom) took about 20 minutes to do and by the time it was over, I was able to get my hair blown out and I saw the final product. I loved the new color and look. I chose to blow out my hair instead of the usual blow out and straighten because I didn’t want to have any more heat damage than I was already going to have.

At first, I was nervous with my hair color because it was something new and I had never had my hair this light. However, I feel like a bad bitch and that’s all that matters. My hair does not defy me. Also, there is no such thing as “darker colored women cannot pull off blonde”. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, however, there is no need to isolate a certain hair color to certain skin colors. This idea is just crazy and we are in the year 2018, people should know that anyone can pull off anything. Everyone should be confident in how they look and as long as they love what they wear and how they look then forget everyone else. People are always going to say something, it may be good it may be bad so you just gotta do you. Thank you guys for taking your time to read a bit of my new hair process. I will be posting some hair routines for damaged hair.



Ana Toledo