Jay Z Concert OOTN

Jay Z is a legend, therefore, when I had the chance to see his concert I was going to go. People describe me as extra. I am. Personally, my belief is my day is made if my outfit is on point. It makes me feel better, which is a HUGE part of fashion. When I walked into the venue, even the security guard knew what’s up and I quote, he said; “heard the pop out outfit”.

Outfit Details:

This outfit reminds me of Bernice Burgos. She’s always rocks the high knee and graphic tee shirt dresses. She’s super cute and someone to follow on Instagram for night out outfits.

My must have accessories are:

Which is my friends savage jay, my ray bands, and my LF Bag. I felt like my outfit was somewhat plain if I took out my fur coat, therefore, I brought my friends hat to accessories the outfit. The glasses were a bit extra but my pictures were cute, well selfie wise.

Thanks for checking my post today.


Ana Toledo