OOTD 11.28.17

This outfit was inspired by Cardi B. Many know Cardi B, but for those that don’t, she is a Dominican boss. She started on the bottom on her own and worked herself to the top. She landed herself on Paper Magazine, the photo above is from her shoot with Paper. She is very much an idol to many. Cardi, for me in sense of fashion, is known for mink coats and most definitely the color of them. I’ve been wearing my mink coats all the time but one of my favorites is my red coat. It is super comfy and very warm. Red is the pop out color of this fall/winter. Not only is it trendy but it’s also my favorite color. Especially on a gloomy day, you will most definitely pop out.

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I took my photos in my colleges art gallery. I believe that fashion is enhanced with more art. It was the perfect location for this outfit. The red really popped out. Thank you so much for visiting. Don’t forget to subscribe below!


Ana Toledo

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