OOTD 11.21.17

This outfit was all revolving two pieces in my outfit. These are my golden belt and my shoes. These two pieces wrapped my whole outfit together. This outfit was created in literally ten minutes. Being in college limits the time for me to really choose a cute outfit, therefore, I was proud I chose this cute outfit in ten minutes. Especially when I have a 9:40am class. If you guys were to see my room after trying to find an outfit early in the morning, it would appear to be as if a bomb was to have gone off. My roommate is my witness to this daily mess. Anyways let’s get juicy in these details of this outfit.

Shop My Look:

This looks most definitely reminds me of Kendall Jenner’s look. She’s known for simplistic look. This outfit is very simplistic. Therefore, the little details count. That’s when my belt comes in. It’s the perfect statement piece for a minimalistic outfit. Not only is this cute but this outfit is prefect for this winter because it’s the perfect in between being cozy with the coat, however, when you take it out it’s still cute with the grey turtle neck.

Thank you guys for visiting and checking my post out today!


Ana Toledo

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