Fall Trends

Currently my Fall outfits this Fall have been summer themed because this weather is crazy! However, it has given me an up to wear some outfits that didn’t wear over the summer.

This fall is all about the athletic wear themed outfits.

3 reasons why we should love this:

  • It’s super comfy, who doesn’t love that…
  • You can dress pieces up or down
  • This trend never really dies down.

What does this trend look like:Image result for kourtney athletic lookImage result for kourtney athletic lookImage result for celebrities with athletic outfits 2017
Image result for gigi hadid athletic outfits 2017
As you can see, from the first two photos, these pants have been a big trend in todays looks. This style of pants can be found in forever 21, Zara, and H&M.

Fur is in!

My favorite part about winter is wearing those mink jackets. I love love love it!

Image result for kim kardashian fur jacket fall 2017

Kim K and many other celebrities are beginning to wear their mink jackets. This is a perfect transition fashion piece for winter.

Vinyl is back!

Vinyl is back and better than ever. Vinyl skirts are in and they are adorable.

Vinyl fashion pieces come in vary styles. For example you can get a vinyl hate, skirt, coat, shoes.

Cop some looks like this:

Image result for vinyl trench

Image result for vinyl skirt

Image result for vinyl shoes

Suits are in:

When I say suits are in, you could  be thinking that I meant you got to go to the store and buy yourself a suit. Yes, matching suit sets are in but also getting a cute grey patterned blazer are in as well!

Get yourself one of these:


Image result for suit matching set 2017 women


Image result for grey patterned blazer women


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