OOTD June 9th, 2017

B33436D6-46C9-4E45-A33A-C711BF0C35DE.jpgDA402FD7-3323-48AC-8621-049565178AFD.jpg185E5768-7D84-427A-B184-DF158A30BC62.jpgC0A7E02C-D404-4317-B45D-2E953BDDC15D.jpgD793F56C-CBC9-4A36-B8F9-22A6AB14BF8F.jpg61BBD6A4-C6A5-44D0-809B-33411CE124D4.jpgD78C29B8-C7B2-425E-9317-9EC8F481E842.jpgThis outfit is inspired by the classic “Hampton Look”. This blue romper was bought in a boutique that was near my school. This outfit was so easy because of the romper. Rompers are easy to throw on because you don’t need to think about what top and bottom to coordinate with. I was very minimalistic with my accessories. I paired one of my scarfs to my dog so that he was as trendy as I was.

What am I wearing?

Romper- From a local boutique

Shoes- Golden Goose Sneakers


Glasses- Celine

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