OOTD June 7th, 2017

886BB73B-62D8-4CF3-8AB6-82F8E1F48D89.jpg02439437-FDD6-49EE-81E2-587BC5EA1048.jpg021B3511-27A9-47E5-97E3-4BE16EFF207F.jpg3F6A0D90-9951-4EA9-A121-776139D34543.jpgB28C5EF9-0014-4382-9A14-D6670B836445.jpgEBE0B83B-3252-4D55-9123-15CBCFA31933.jpg3EC59C1C-712F-4338-952D-3CCF99311042.jpgEE5C5E6F-B81D-4327-91EB-489D655ABBF1.jpgThis outfit was a go to. there was no real inspiration. I went to Long House, which is an art exhibition. I went with my go to head scarf. I also went with the classic white for the “Hampton Look”.

Top- Zara (It is not on the website anymore!)

Jean Skirt- Brandy Melville

White Leather Slip-on’s- Vans

White leather bag- TJMAXX

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