My Current Relationship

When you least expect it, good things happen. That is exactly how I describe my relationship with my current boyfriend, Chad. Chad is a great soul and I am very much grateful to have him in my life. Not only does he deal with my bullshit but tries to better me. I know I am a handful and I give Chad credit for dealing with me.

Due to my past relationships, I hold Chad to high expectations, however, that is because I see great potential in him. I wrote about my last relationship before, and I want to restate that every relationship is a lesson for the next. Therefore, after my high school ex and I broke up, I decided that I was not going to let another male cause me so much pain and actually value myself as well as my partner value me. However, with that mentality, I tend to be very cold when we come into fights but Chad is a great balance because he doesn’t for the most part allow me to go to sleep without resolving it.

Chad and I are a bit different than the typical relationship. What do I mean by a typical relationship? A typical relationship as in you constantly see your partner. Chad and I are long distance and it is very hard. During the school year Chad and I are three hours apart if you were to drive. During the summer, we are still three hours away by train. Therefore, we are always long distance. We met in college but its not the typical story. We did not meet because he attends the same college as I do but a mutual friend set us up. At first I thought this was going to be a conversation between us that was going to last a few days maximum and it didn’t end that way. Chad and I had amazing talks every night. Eventually, we ended up talking everyday and facetiming every night. Months passed by and we didn’t meet each other in person. Chad without my knowledge decided to come surprise me. However, shit happens and I end up having things to do that weekend at home the same weekend that he was supposed to come to my school. He told me last minute he was supposed to come and that he had bought his ticket so he came. I will never forget that first time we met because i was in total shock and did not speak at all. However, I warmed up to him and we had an amazing night. We made our relationship official. The day he was supposed to leave was one of the saddest days I went through  because it sucked seeing the person you truly cared for leave after a short time of being together. I wanted to be with him more and that lead to us setting up a schedule and meeting each other every two-three weeks. The last week of school, Chad came down and i cried the most saying goodbye. This was due to the fact that I knew summer was going to be difficult to meet up because our schedules do not align. However, we still constantly FaceTime and text whenever we can. Sometimes I have my moments and I get super sad because I miss him. For example, the other day I decided to wear his shirt and when I put it on, I began to cry because it smelled like him. That is how much I missed him. When it comes to our priorities in our relationship we think alike. However, chad is the complete opposite than me when it comes to everything else. Chad and I work because we are opposites and we balance each other out. However, because our thinking is different, we don’t always agree with each other and we argue. Chad always loses but he learns from his mistakes and takes a huge L. When I am wrong, and thats rarely, I as well learn from my mistakes.

My tip for you is to go with the flow. I know so many people that are craving a relationship and rushing things just for that main reason. However when you least expect it, good things come your way. A prime example of that is with Chad. Also don’t forget your morals in a relationship because that is very important. For the people that are doing long distance and reading this, it is very hard and everyone has their moments but if you guys are meant to be and love each other, than you guys will make it work! Thank babes for reading this!

-XOXO Ana Toledo

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