Sweatshirt Transformation & DIY

I got this idea from Karrueche who posted an outfit of a two piece. This two piece is made from a sweatshirt and has been very trendy! I decided that I would try to recreate her outfit.



Sadly, I hate cutting up old sweatshirts so I went out and bought myself a cheap $20 Champion sweatshirt. I cut the sweat shirt into a crop top and decided to turn the extra fabric into a skirt. I sowed the fabric together and was very pleased with the outcomes! In Youtube, there is a video, that is a DIY on how to make this two piece outfit. Hope you guys are inspired to recreate this outfit!

Here are the Steps:

  1. Fold the sweatshirt into the right crop size you would want. IMG_3005.JPGI folded my sweatshirt into the crop I wanted.
  2. You cut the sweatshirt while it is folded, this helps with the cut being more aligned.
  3. after you cut the sweatshirt, you will have the cropped sweatshirt and then the extra fabric. Flip the extra fabric so that the band of the sweatshirt is on the top. Like this:
  4. Cut one of the ends so that you can measure the skirt around your waist and hips. IMG_3007.JPG.jpegI cut the stitching of the side of the fabric. This is demonstrated in the photo above.
  5. After you cut the extra fabric, measure the fabric around your waist. Mark the places where one of the ends meets the other side.
  6. Place the fabric back on the table. Fold the fabric from the marking over the fabric. Like this:IMG_3008.JPG.jpeg
  7. Cut the fabric and begin to sew. if you cannot sew, then you can go to your local arts and crafts store and buy fabric glue and glue the fabrics together.

Hope this helped Babes!

-XOXO Ana Toledo


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