This look was not done by me. It was done by one of the makeup artist that was hired for the fashion show. I am going to list some of the products she used and what she did!

  • She primed my face with NYX primer
  • She mixed BareMinerals (Coffee My Foundations Color) with a Milani Foundation to add more coverage.
  • She filled in my eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade
  • She used a pallet (not sure) and began with a burgundy shade on my crease. She blended it to create a cut crease and then focused on my eyelid. She put concealer on the eyelid and added a line of glitter.
  • She than contoured my face with a cream shade.
  • I highlighted my face with my Anastasia Beverly Hills GLOWKIT
  • She added a matte Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick.
  • I set my face with NYX dewy setting spray.
  • She also added some false eyelashes but unfortunately I could not get the name.IMG_2378.JPG


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