First Year of College!

My first year of college took place in SUNY Old Westbury which for those who don’t know is located in Hicksville, NY. I initially did not want to attend this school, however, I came to realize that this was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. Not only did I meet amazing people, but I endured a lot of obstacles and learned a lot of lessons my first year of college.

Let me start with the first semester, I came into Old West (OW) with a bad view of the school. Many labeled the school “ghetto”, therefore I didn’t want to be associated with OW. The reputation of being “ghetto” deterred me from actually being attracted to the school and the people there. My negative mindset was a huge factor in the beginning of my first semester. A tip to keep in mind is that your school does not make you who you are. When I was in high school, everyone only cared about the well known schools. You were judged on the school you attended, however, you shouldn’t be judged at all. Anyways, I ended up meeting my first friend, who was my roommate. We became very good friends and she was the one who presented me to a group of her friends that I have now become my friends. We made a group, which was called the “Wavy West”. The Wavy West consisted of about 10 people and you’ll soon come to know that it would all come crashing down. The idea was for Wavy West to do everything together. This meant that we went to parties together, girls got ready together and so did the boys. We studied, did our homework together, and went to the cafe together. As the semester progressed, we ended up drifting apart because the group was so big. Eventually mini groups began forming and it just became separate cliques. Half way through the semester we eventually had a group meeting to discuss the problems within the group. Personally, I felt like I was in elementary school and this shouldn’t have taken place. Many benefited from this meeting because people were able to let out their opinions and they tried to mend any broken relationships. Although we had a group meeting, this did not bring back full unity to Wavy West. My tip for upcoming freshman is not everyone you meet the first semester will be there for you in the second. Although you will make friends the first semester, you have to question if they are truly your friends or just acquaintances. Eventually not only did Wavy West fall apart, so did my relationship with my roommate. I am a strong believer that not all friends should live together. I believe that was my case for my roommate and I. Another tip to keep in mind is sometimes getting a non-ideal roommate is okay. Just try to make the best of it for the semester. If it is really bad, then you should talk to your RA and try to switch roommates or work out the issues. The only friend I kept close to me was my best-friend Ariana.  My second semester of college was much better when it came to friends and my social life. After Wavy West split up and my roommate problems, I ended up making new friends. My new roommate was so much better. Her name is Mui and I will be rooming with her for my sophomore year in OW. She is the same as me when it comes to being clean and organized. We are a good balance for each other and ideal that’s what you want in a roommate, someone that is your perfect balance. I also became good friends with the girls in the photo, which is Jasmine, Ariana, Sumayyah, and Kayly (the girls listed in order from left to right in the photo shown above). These girls are my closest friends in OW and I am so grateful to have them. We barely argue, but when we do we don’t hold grudges. That is what I love about the group. There is also the boys, which is Ysham, Ky (keke), Dave, Greg, Mike and Javon (Javonvon). These boys are like my brothers. That is what I love about the group. The second semester consisted of me meeting new friends and making more positive memories.

Education wise for my first semester, I was very on top of everything. As soon as class was over, I would go straight to my room and complete my homework. That for me was the best way to do things because a lot of things happened after 8pm. I advise incoming freshman to do the same. Many get caught up with doing all the fun things in college but forget why they went to college in the first place. For example, sometimes there would be room parties and other times my friends and I would pass time together. I was on the dean’s list that semester and I felt very good about it. Class were actually easy. When I was in high school, my teachers and adults would tell me that college was going to be so difficult and I think that was beneficial because I came into college with this very determined and focused mentality for education. Going into the second semester of college was a bit difficult compared to the first. Classes were not hard but more the teachers. I had one bad teacher and he was my pre-calc teacher. He was a harsh grader and did not know how to teach the material. Besides that class, all my other classes were easier. A tip for up and coming freshman is to know who your teacher is and how well he/she teaches. Ask around to upperclassmen if you can and then choose. I also took part in many clubs and meet more people that had the same interests and characteristics as me.

College in general was an eye opener for me. I learned so much and matured. I am very grateful for the experiences I have and I wouldn’t change anything. There is a saying that “everything happens for a reason” and I am a very strong believer in that saying. I hope you guys learned from my experience. Everything that has happened has truly shaped me to who I am now and I couldn’t be happier.

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